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    about license

    Do I need to have a license for RedHat 7.3 ,
    I just download from there website, if i run bussiness using RH7.3, how do I pay for license ?

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    You dont' pay for licenses with RH or for that matter most Linux distros. It's free.
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    The RH7.3 in the redhat ftp is a professional version or a personal version ?

    andw what is the different between the RH professional (from order of CDs) and the download version of RH from the ftp site?

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    The only difference between the 2 is that the Professional has a tweeked kernel and comes with a manual and some other packages right out of the box that the download doesn't have. But all the stuff that comes with the pro version is still obtainable freely and you can tweek your own kernel. Also, your better off buying a 3rd party man if you need one anyway.

    Just my 2cents

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