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    Invision Hosts vs. Myacen vs. Site 5


    I posted here sometime back about having a university club website, and how we wanted to host it on a professional and reliable server.

    Well we have yet to decide on which host provider to pick.

    I have researched and researched on this forum to find out the hosting company which would be best for us, and I have been finally able to chalk it down to the ones mentioned above. They are all thoroughly reputable and seem to have a very reliable service record.

    I wanted to get a final word from all you worthy members about which of these are your personal favorites and why would you recommend them to me.

    Any input is VERY WELCOME.

    Thanks in advance

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    Personally i would go with any of these. All 3 are good. All 3 are recommended as far as i am concerned. Decision is yours, select which suits you the most

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    I doubt Invision have been around long enough to prove their mettle:
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    416 is one of the best, they have been around "forever." MyAcen seems to be a good company also, though they have not been around for as long as Site5. Use the SEARCH function on these forums and check out the three companies, you'll get more information than you want Good luck, and let us know who you decide to go with.

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