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    Rules For Member Of The Month :)

    I remember someone doing this a long time ago at WHT, so I think i'll start it up again. There are thousands of members here at WHT, all of which are valuable to the community. I think that each month we should pick out a specific member that deserves this prestigious award.

    Here are some rules that I'll outline out (please PM me if you feel that rules need to be added, modified or deleted)

    1) Nominations will begin on the last day of each month, and last for 4 days.

    2) Each member will be allowed to nominate 1 member. You cannot nominate yourself.

    3) After nominations have been tallied, the 5 members with the highest number of nominations will be included in the final voting. To be eligible for the final voting, all nominees must have at least 3 nominations.

    4) A member is defined as follows:
    - Not a mod
    - Registered prior to the award month
    - At least 100 posts
    - An active member during the award month, meaning their last post date must have been during the award month or later.

    Note: I've decided that to disallow banned members is biased, so TimPD, and banned members are eligible.

    5)As suggested in the previous round of MOTM, the winner of a given month is expected to donate a prize to the winner of the following month. (Can be anything from a pat on the back to a money :) ). Winners - please PM me your donated prize so I may post it here :)

    6)Please try to keep off topic discussion to a minimum in the nominating thread - its harder for me to tally the nominees.

    If there are any other rules you feel need to be added, please PM me.

    Current Award Month: August
    Nominations Begin: August 30th
    Nominations End: September 4th
    This Months Prize: $15 Best Buy Gift Card (Donated by ME :D)

    Note: I'm taking SWR's advice and keeping this thread only to establish the rules; I have modified them a little after looking back at previous MOTMs :)

    I have asked the mods to remove all other posts in this thread and lock it, and I will start a new one later today for your nominations :)
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