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    cellular internet access

    Is anyone using cellular internet access to support their dedicated/colo server as they travel? I'm considering verizon and their mobile office kit for supporting my colo servers while traveling. I know access is/will be slow in some areas, but it doesn't have to be very fast to handle character-mode vi changes to control files <g>.

    I would also like to set up a page on my site so that customers can contact me in case of an emergency by sending a page to my phone. Does verizon support this feature?

    I've read through material on their site and it's pretty general, that's whay I'm asking if anyone here can be more specific with their own experience.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I am just in the process of connecting my Audiovox 9155-GPX to my Compaq IPAQ PDA. I have established a internet connection and am able to browse the web. It is slow, as I am used to a cable modem, but I will be using Windows Terminal server to monitor my servers, and make changes. If the 14.4 data connection is to slow, Verizon offers a higher speed internet connection called the mobile office for Express Network. It can connect up to 144Kbps.

    You can page your verizon phone at

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    I don't know about Verizon, but I use AT&T and they have a decent 3G (GSM/GPRS) network.

    I have the Siemens S46 "mobile office" phone that supports SMS/email and it also has a IrDA/serial port for getting on the Internet. I've used RDP, VNC and SSH over the GPRS connection and it's modem-ish. You can also purchase a GPRS PCMCIA card if you don't like hooking up your cell phone.

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    GAG. Verizon for data sucks big BIG BIG time. Expect 19.2 modem speeds.

    However if your a wise consumer (and who isn't you will go with Cingular Wireless. They offer GRPR high speed internet on your phone 3G wireless which is being rolled out everywhere as we speak. Cingular has the resources to keep their network up-to-date the fastest. Get a Sony Ericsson t68i phone. You can use the bluetooth wireless directly with your laptop (you will need a bluetooth adapter.) This cellphone also has a wireless (bluetooth) enabled handsfree earpiece.

    3G wireless rocks your socks off (broadband through mobile phone)

    Also Cingular updates and stay on top of the latest technologies better than any of the other providers. Cingular is very dedicated to the computer industry and has partnerships with Sony, Dell, IBM, Apple, and Microsoft to intergrate with the internet. I forgot them all but they have a few other bells and whisles not offered by verizon.

    I'm not sure about verizon, but cingular's network is excellent as well support for all three phone modes and instant overseas roaming.

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