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    How can I pay a hosting in america if I am italian ?
    I show paypal but only some hosting have it
    Other ways ?

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    Credit card ?

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    CC is the best mode of payment nowadays. If paypal operates in Italy, you may use it to pay for hosting. Incase both of them do not work for you, you may look for an american host that accepts alternatives like money order, international checks etc.

    Hope this helps you Dadamax

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    Cheque, Western Union, Wire Transfer
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    You should be able to pay via credit card being in America, Australia or Italy.

    What they charge you will translate into your own currency once you receive your monthly statement from your bank.

    You can also send an international bank cheque ( 'Check' for my americanos ) And it should be approved by any normal bank. But it can take up to 14 days and it might cost a % for the company that banks it.

    We have a few customers based in Italy using there credit card with no problems ( our merchant is 2checkout.con )

    Kind regards
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    You can login to . We prefer them for money transfer.

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