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    cgi-wrap extra slash problem

    Hi all,

    i am having trouble running most cgi scripts on my current host, which uses CGIWrap.

    the scripts keep being unable to find files because an extra slash keeps getting added to the path and i don't know how to change the scripts to avoid this.

    since it happens with almost all the scripts i've tried, i'm guessing the problem has got to be in the CGIWrap settings.

    comes out something like /public_html/hullo//test

    comes out as /public_html/hullo//cgi-bin/blah.cgi


    an extra slash keeps popping up wherever there's a subdirectory. and it's always only ONE extra slash. this is driving me nuts! i've searched the web for a long time and haven't found anything on this that could help me to fix the problem.

    has anyone ever encountered this before, and do you know how to fix it? i've brought it up to my webhost in the past but it was just suggested that i use some other programs, the problem itself never got fixed.

    please please please help if you know the answer, thank you!!!

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    Sounds like your host has something a bit stuffed with your setup in Apache.

    I would guess they have set the DocumentRoot to:

    And then when cgi-wrap comes along it adds a prefixed / so you get a // effect.

    Get them to change it to simply:

    DocumentRoot /public_html/hullo

    See ya,

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    wow. could it really be something that simple? nyargh!!!

    thanks a bunch perlboy, i'll pass this on to him and keep my fingers crossed!

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