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    i made this new design, it took 6hrs totall to work build/de-bug, but im not sure i got everything...please review it for me, be a harsh as you want.

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    First... I hate pop ups windows... It made me want to just quit.. but I still give it a try, but... another pop ups? I quit!
    Second, why do I need to choose whether my browser is an IE or netscape? I think you can just easily detect it yourself.

    Anyway, did not really take a look at your site. Hate pop up windows!!


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    Do you want customers?

    Dek's comments are right on the money. Anything that you do to prevent customer from accessing your website is a mistake.

    Pop-up windows should be banned. Every time you go to the homepage the nasty things come back. Very irritating.

    Remember: speed, simplicity, visual appeal.
    Franc Nemanic,

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    The popups is there because he is hosting it on hypermart.
    As mention, don`t let us choose between browsers.
    Clean is great, but this was too clean.

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