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    * Ensim support for Tomcat: Major limitation?

    What's up with WAR file deployment with Ensim 3.1's Tomcat setup?

    "Deploying Tomcat on WEBpliance 3.1 for Linux", June 6, 2002, pg 2, says:

    A context is basically a directory structure on the server from
    which Tomcat can execute servlets and JSPs. WEBppliance 3.1
    automatically sets contexts for you. You can also add a new context
    by uploading Java Web archive files (with the extension .war) into
    Web content directories. We do not support Web archives.
    What does "We do not support Web archives" mean exactly? Does it mean
    that there's no way whatsoever to run, say, Cocoon or Jetspeed because
    they're distributed as WAR files? Or, does it mean they can be run
    but Tomcat has been crippled not to autoexpand them -- they just have
    to be expanded by hand and the contexts adjusted manually?

    What does it take to make the most common way of distributing web
    applications work under Tomcat in the proper, Ensim-approved way?
    there is no Ensim-approved way, we need a work-around, because not
    being able to use WAR files would be an extreme limitation.

    So far, I've observed that WAR files copied into the
    $CATALINA_HOME/webapps directory are not autoexpanded; nor are they
    when copied into "/home/virtual/site3/fst/var/www/html". Nor are they
    being found after Tomcat restarts after manually expanding them and
    making manual updates to the
    "/var/tomcat4/conf/sites.xml.d/site3.xml.custom" such as the
    <Context path="/cocoon"
    What does it take to get a WAR file deployed in general with the Ensim setup? What would
    be the ideal way to deploy Cocoon or Jetspeed?

    Thanks for any help or insights.

    I've gotten nowhere posting this on Rackshack's boards.
    I've gotten nowhere posting this on Ensim's boards.
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    I'm about to attempt a Cocoon install.


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