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    Question What would you recommend

    I'm looking to change web hosts in the new year and need something with approx 300Mb space, min 3Gb bandwidth per month, databases, ASP, PHP.

    I've been using UK hosts up till now but many people have told me how much better US ones are. I've done a bit of reseach and seem to offer a good package. Has anyone heard/had dealings with them or is there anyone else you would recommend?

    PS Budget of around 200 per year.


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    I have not heard of surpasshosting, but i would post in the 'requests' form.

    Best of luck!
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    Yes, seems to be interesting indeed. What I mainly observed is that they offer a few very uncommon plans: Starter and Pro. Those inbetween these two extremes aren't too different from other hosts. I could not find a street address on their website and their online support section is rather thin, so check yourself how they do support before you sign up.

    As far as my recommendations go ( ) I think that you will find very good hosting at many other places as well, just look at many similar posts in this forum. Your budget is definitely big enough. After finishing your homework you might be able to save 50-70% and still have a very good provider.

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    Here is some info on them..

    Here are some of their reviews, seems like they don't have much traffic from these forums that is possibly why they are not well known here.

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    I would recommend you go with their price is reasonable and the serivce and support is unbeatable

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    You can post in "requests" in this forum.

    Have a nice day
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