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    where can I buy server?

    Do Have sites to I buld server and I buy it?

    what is best Colocation Company For I send my server?

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    best place to visit to get good server is:

    good luck

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    We bought last 3 servers at
    Donot use support system - just ask Bensen@ directly - he will help you

    Then visit

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    haha yeah, right on h2, that's the best way to get in touch with them,

    i've had some issues with their servers lately..

    we've bought probably 10 or so from them, and 5 of them had minor problems, since they were cheaper than everywhere i looked, i couldn't complain..

    lately, i've been buying my parts from a local dealer

    they don't believe in online commerce (hehe i've tried to convince them otherwise, but they're old school), they have two huge stores stocked with everything. they're parts and labor is also pretty good, but i've never hadto use it.

    funny story how we found out they're stuff was good.
    one of my sql2k servers was acting funny, and we didn't have any free parts. i took my partner's workstation (which he'd just gotten from there) put win2k advanced on it, and moved everything over.

    That midtower handled some pretty heavy loads and still ran fine after a year without any problems. I finally took it down to move the parts into a proper rackmount case.

    since then,we get all our parts from them except for the rackmount cases.

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