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    The easiest PHP MySQL script you'll be hired to make

    Hello, I am looking for someone with knowledge of PHP and MySQL to make me a simple script that would organize the links to some articles on my website. I would create the page with the article and then insert the headline, title, url and date of the article into the script and it would insert that information into a webpage. The script would make it so that the newest article was always on the top of the list and the oldest ones are on the bottom. I have better described what I need in the HTML example I have created. Click Here to see my example which will explain everything much better. My contact information is also on that page. Please contact me by the email address there and not by PM.

    Link To Example

    My previous PHP and MySQL project is still open for quotes. It is located Here.


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    Hey there, I am interested, and I see that you are currently online, do you have any instant messaging services in which I could chat with you? As I have the day off today and would be happy to complete this script for you.

    Could you also please include a budget?

    [edit] I am currently sending an email too, as per request.[/edit]
    Mark Barron
    [PHP] Incite Designs
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    Just sent in my quote I am interested in doing both the projects and have dropped in quotes for both.

    Abhishek - Submit your site to 500+ SEO friendly directories - Point. Click. Edit. Works with existing site.

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    I emailed you
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