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Thread: Which Memory?

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    Which Memory?

    Does ECC memory module worth it or is it ok to use just regular unbuffered non-ECC memory chips?

    I saw the most dedicated offers without ECC memory.

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    depends on motherboard, there are motherboards that only support ECC memory and low-end motherboards that do not support ECC buffered memory at all.... make sure you order the correct memory

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    I am in no way affiliated with the following plug:

    Buy Kingston Ram! This is not an advertisment just a suggestion, just a quick note everyone might like to know:

    Kingston has 2 majorly differnt types of ram, Their normal Kingston Ram, and Kingston Value Ram.

    What makes kingston better than most is they press their chips with the first 10% of the ink, then make value ram with the other 90%.. Most companies use the majority of it on all the ram, which is why normal kingston ram has a 99.9% perfection rate......

    Fun Fun

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    by the way, what motherboard you are using or planning to use?

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    Dual CPU motherboards require ECC ram
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    Dual CPU system require the RAM to be registered as well (at least for DDR systems). I'm not 100% sure on whether it needs to be ECC for a dual CPU system, though.

    Our real world experience doesn't show any major benefit to ECC unless you need 100% uptime, though I'm not sure if ECC would prevent a RAM failure related crash or not.

    We've only had one RAM failure related crash in 4 years of doing hosting and more than 70 servers. We always use Micron RAM if we have a choice ( We're also very careful to avoid static discharge around our equipment and when installing upgrades.
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