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    Question Database Efficency

    First off,


    Okay, that out of the way .

    I'm having a problem with efficency of Update, Insert, Select, Delete Queries with MySQL.

    I got the site to work perfectly (I pulled it off for maintenance and hopefully finding out what the slow down was) for me, and tried it under a few of my hand picked friends to simulate typical user load.

    Well, after 4 users running against the Database, trying various features and things out, the site wouldn't display information queried from SELECT commands or show the changes made using Update, Insert, or Delete Commands.

    The information would either be not added or not updated, or in the case of SELECT, not show at all.

    But for one person, (myself testing on the foreign server @ it worked fine.

    So any advice on proper Calling where more then 4 people can access tables off the database is very appreciated. I see other database driven sites, and keep thinking back to my own.

    btw, I mainly use mysql_fetch_array() to store the queried information.

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    This may be caused by improper MySQL or PHP configuration.
    Try to find php.ini and check if you have the following settinigs in [MySQL] section:

    mysql.allow_persistent = On ; allow or prevent persistent link
    mysql.max_persistent = -1 ; maximum number of persistent links. -1 means no limit
    mysql.max_links = -1 ; maximum number of links (persistent+non persistent). -1 means no limit

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    Thank You

    I'll send an email to my web hosting.

    Robert Rosales
    aka Helios
    aka Novastar

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