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    62 - Ever heard of them?

    I was searching for Plesk on eBay (just see if you could buy a license on the cheap from some company going out of business and I found this auction:

    $20 for a year gets you 1GB Space, 3GB Transfer, etc. and you can choose between Plesk or Ensim.

    Seems pretty cheap to me. I checked their website and the eBay offer is a lot cheaper than their standard offers. Even their $25 yearly package has only 50MB/500MB/5POP normally.

    I searched on WHT and didn't find any mention of them.

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    I would recommend against using anything from ebay....

    ...that's my biased opinion, but only give it because I have been frauded out of my money quite a few times....

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    True, but sometimes it is good. DixieSys used to do eBay a lot.

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    Just do some research and see if they have some happy clients
    Rich D.

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