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    Question Web Dev Business

    Hello all,

    I'm starting a web/software development business...
    going to concentrate on code not really on usual web design.

    Can you guys give me hints? Where can i get partners?

    Let's say companies that need guys to code but have all it takes to design a good site (layouts, style, etc etc), web hosting companies or even companies that just need someone to implement their web/offline systems.



    PS: Hope you don't consider this advertising or spam (didn't say the name or site of the company)

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    Its better to look for coders in your local area and check with them if they wanna work with you. Forums are a good place to get noticed. You may wanna post this in the appropriate forum or other forums as well to receive responses from potential partners

    Hope this helps

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    Do you know any forums?

    Thanks in advance

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    They are many forums all over the net..You may have to do a little search..

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    I think you have come to a wrong address.....wrong forum. There are lot of job offer request posted on WHT itself.
    Repost your post to : Job Offers and Requests

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