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    * Gift 4 anyone cheated by Samuel Barr/Ben Hawker/

    This is my good deed of the day.

    I believe, beyond a reasonable doubt that Ben Hawker is really Samuel Barr.

    1. You will see from Exhibit A, below from Network Solutions whois query of, that Ben Hawker is listed as the main contact for this domain.

    2. However, if you trot over to, the main directory search engine for the United Kingdom, and do a search of the Electoral Rolls for all the Hawker's in Glasgow, you will receive 15 replies, none of whom is named Benjamin, nor at that address.

    3. If you search the recently updated voter registry for Barr, you will find well over 200 at that address.

    4. If you just search by the registry for a combination of the postcode and road, with no names, you will see the name over everybody on that street.

    5. The results are that in flat 2 of 2 Heathcot avenue resides a Mr. Benjamin Barr as well as two women with unrelated last names. But no Mr. Ben Hawker, despite his being listed as the main contact in the whois query below.

    We can therefore reasonably assume the following:
    1. Mr. Hawker is Mr. Barr.

    2. Mr. Barr is likely single/a student since he has two female roommates. This would most likely lay to rest the excuse that the reason that Mr. Barr didn't pay anybody their due a few months back was because his child was sick in hospital with meningitis.

    3. To be on the electoral rolls you have to be old enough to vote. That means you're old enough to be sued/chased for your debts

    4. Mr. Hawker-Barr's likely contact details are below for anybody who cares to pursue a claim against him.

    5. This information is provided for informational purposes only and it doesn't claim any knowledge of debts allegedly owed by Mr. Hawker/Barr, except for my own.



    Exhibit A: (The Verdict: )

    Registration Service Provided By:
    Contact: [email protected]

    Domain name: TOTALLYHOSTED.NET

    Registrant Contact:
    Totally Hosted
    Ben Hawker ([email protected])
    FAX: 07050620406
    2 Heathcot Avenue
    Glasgow, NA G15 8NT

    Billing, Administrative Contact:
    Totally Hosted
    Ben Hawker ([email protected])
    FAX: 07050620406
    2 Heathcot Avenue
    Glasgow, NA G15 8NT

    Technical Contact:
    Totally Hosted
    Ben Hawker ([email protected])
    FAX: 07050620406
    2 Heathcot Avenue
    Glasgow, NA G15 8NT

    Status: PROTECTED

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    Oh hell, let's just rub it in some more. I found this in some guy's weblog. Apparently written sometime earlier this summer. BTW, I think tracking people down is much better than giving these silly "You ought to write to your congressman" type answers to commisserate.

    I always look at how much money I lost to the person then figure out what I must do to extract that much pain and suffering out of their hides. When somebody is especially naughty, as Mr. Barr seems to be, I make a specail effort.

    By the way, I need web hosting. I think you may have gathered that it would be a mistake for any cowboys to step up to the plate. Any takers?


    Hi Benjamin,

    CustomerID - *******.

    I would like to give my personal apologies today for the downtime we
    experienced today (AGAIN).

    I am sick to the teeth with our current network and datacenter, they
    are almost totally unresponsive whenever we report a problem. It seems
    they dont know a thing about networking and customer service.

    The current server also seems to have some software issues where people
    are unable to install akopia shopping cart or ip's removing themselves
    from the system or CGI-SCRIPTS not parsing properly.

    A few months ago I was approached by a small computer ecommerce company
    who where interested in investing in Eshore Hosting and partnering with
    us, I have been in contact for a while now, just under two months
    looking into contracts, investment, bugdets and everything else. Today I
    signed the contract and we are now in a partnership.

    Now in partnership we have told our current datacenter to shove their
    service and today I went shopping for a new datacenter and 4 new servers
    with a budget of $3000, I have now spent that budget and we have
    invested in 4 new servers and some space in a new datacenter in Atlanta.

    The new server specs are as follows.

    Pentium 4 1.6Ghz
    Redhat Linux 7.3
    512MB DDR RAM
    80GB Hard Drive

    cpanel4 + Web Hosting Manager.

    Eshore Hosting will be changing it's name to Totally Hosted, we feel
    that this move has been the correct one and we feel very confident that
    the service will pick up and we will again become the excellent host we
    once where.

    Over the next two days we will be moving you all (WITH NO DOWN TIME) to
    our new datacenter and reassigning you new IP's for your nameservers
    (as some IP's have been unbounding themselves from the server). All you
    have to do is contact the host you registered your nameservers with and
    reregister them (for resellers only)

    All current problems with our servers will be resolved and we can start
    a fresh.

    An email will follow form the tech support team about namservers and
    any technical details you need to know.

    To say thank you for all your commitment we will be giving you extra
    disk space and extra bandwidth.

    All managment will remain the same but we will be "shaping up", we
    would love to hear all your commments or questions on our new merger if
    you have any please email me at [email protected]

    Samuel Barr
    Eshore Hosting CEO

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    did this post say cyberwings?
    Nick Twaddell
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    Cyberwings? Don't tell me there is another one on the list? How does this guy have time to sleep?

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    perl -le '$_=`man perlfaq1`;print/"(j.*)"/'
    What if he has multiple personalities? You could be doing business with two experienced people in one.
    Richard Ward
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    I'm not sure if I'm off, but couldn't it just be that Samuel Barr gets to pay the bills and Ben Hawker just registered it? I might be totally off, but I just wanted to know how you know that isn't what's really happening.

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    Have a closer look at the first posting.

    1) Ben Hawker registers using an address in Glasgow.

    2) A search of the voter rolls on reveals that at that address there is nobody named Ben Hawker, but there is somebody named Samuel Barr.

    3) It's a private address not a business.

    4) I can find no trace of somebody named Ben Hawker anywhere in the Glasgow area.

    5) Ben Hawker is irrelevent to most people on this board--I was cheated by Ben Hawker, but most people were cheated by Samuel Barr. This is proof positive that Samuel Barr is still there. Besides, the ultimate recipient of the money I gave to Ben Hawker was Samuel Barr--so Barr cheated me as well. It's possible using a false name to take money like this constitutes theft by deception--an imprisonable offense.

    6) Further research reveals that Drumchapel is a no-go area of Glasgow, an awful housing estate.


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    k gotcha, I feel stupid, lol

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    No, I didn't mean it like that. Please don't.

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    So, we haven't heard anything from Samuel Barr on this thread, so I propose that we come up with a contest to think of the best criminal name for him. My initial proposal:

    1. Sammy the Geek

    2. Little back Sambo, because you get such little back from him (w/ apologies for the racist history of this particular phrase).

    3. The flying Scotsman, fleeing from the law by now if my efforts have begun to kick in. Aargh, ma spoorin, she's empy cap'n.


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    BTW, continuing to use the name Ben Hawker when your name is really Sam Barr is the most criminal part of this episode.

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    Someone Stupid?

    Hi Guys,
    I really don't know how to start this thread but to say I am sorry for the troubles caused by me.

    At this time I will fully admit that there is no Ben Hawker and Ben Hawker is Samuel Barr (me).

    When I started my business I never eber intended to maliciously con people (Never My Intent and Never will be) things seemed to be poplular and I was happy, heres where it all went wrong, when people paid me via paypal I would withdraw the money as as I got it and then when people where asking for a refund I didn't have the money to do that (due to my credit card being maxed out) I have come to the concusion that I will no longer accept paypal as payment and only use my merchant account.

    If I had used my merchant account in the first place every party would have been refunded.

    As for the web designer and virgil who created my signup script I guess I was impatient and went ahead and asked them to design or programme without actually having the full money (stupid me thinking I could get it before they completed the project)

    Now that things are finally going well and the business is ok (Hopefully Even After These Threads) I can pay the people who are owed their money.

    At first I have made an initial mistake and promised the money on the 15th, I should have said the 20th as my merchant account pays out on the 15th.

    Here who's on my list for payment:


    and i will be working something out with James at earhost.

    I am very sorry that I have sunk this low and I intend to make it right.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Sounds like the situation may be resolved this time.

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    Hmm, it is in my opinion that Ben Hawker aka Samuel Barr is in fact:

    Rusty Shackleford

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    Great stuff. I must say I'm very happy you came clean. Now if there is anybody else you owe money to, we should solicit their opinions.



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    First off, CaveatEmptor damn fine job. I'm impressed.

    Samuel ... honesty is always the best policy. Everyone makes mistakes, it's how we recover from them that truly determines what type of person we are. Good luck with everything in the future.
    neil MCITP, VCP

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    Its a conspiracy.. All these scammers sites have been designed by ****... hmmm

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    He still owes me $215 refund ...
    Jay Sudowski // Handy Networks LLC // Co-Founder & CTO
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    Offering Dedicated Server and Colocation Hosting from our SSAE 16 SOC 2, Type 2 Certified Data Center.
    Current specials here. Check them out.

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    At this time I will fully admit that there is no Ben Hawker and Ben Hawker is Samuel Barr (me).
    Nice work CaveatEmptor
    Lurking on WHT since 2002

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    Its never easy to start an apology post and I have made a few already but simply writting I am sorry isn't enough. When I started Totally Hosted I went in blind and although I may have had the technical knowledge to run the business I didn't have the business knowledge on maitaining a business and thats where I made a massive mistake.

    It may have been that I didn't refund peoples money or that my service was down for lengthly periods of time and I now thats no way to run a business.

    I want to clear my name and show people that it was business decisions I made, not to intentionally "con" people out of their money. So the main reason for this post is to say I am sorry and that I agree people are entiiled to their money back.

    The Plan
    Now that I have closed Totally Hosted I need to get some employment to enable me to pay back those people who didn't get their money back who where owed it.

    I intend to pay each and everyone of those people. true it might take me a while but I will do it.

    If I owe you money please email me at [email protected] along with how much I owe, which service you purchased. I really know who the people are I owe money to but I would just like to get a collection of emails together so I can calculate exactly how much I owe and how long (depending on what my new job's salary is) it wil take me to pay people back.

    At the moment I do have a job lined up but due to the posts on the board this has put a small halt on that job. Hopefully as poeple accept my apology the new job wll come through and I can start with repaying people.

    I do stress, please do not post your comments to me here on this board but direct any communication to me at [email protected].

    Thanks for taking the time to read the post.


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    Originally posted by TemplateGuy
    Its a conspiracy.. All these scammers sites have been designed by ****... hmmm
    Didn't notice this before... that design was made when I was working as Timmy's designer. He sold it off to TotallyHosted, and that's where it ended up...

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