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    WISEONLINE Server Speeds.....


    Thought I'd just pop in a little thread which may help others here.

    I've recently signed up with WISEONLINE with a custom reseller package, so far their support has been good and replies have been sent very quickly.

    The reason for the thread is simply to say how fast the server seems to be, wow, I'm talking really quick here, I use other reseller accounts including MCHost and the server seem to be much faster than theirs.

    Hope this helps someone make a decision if WISEONLINE are in the running

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    Question URL

    What is their URL, not or

    You are not talking about W i s e h o s are you, I hope not.

    READ HERE! I like how they lied about their having their own Data Center and Network!

    They are banned from WHT too!
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    It's them!

    They say they are under new management but who knows?

    I stil cant argue with the speed of their servers but may look elsewhere to be sure. They appear to have a problem accepting payments as they do not have SSL installed on their servers and have asked me to pay the outstanding invoice on a http:// URL!! AS IF!

    I have asked why payments are not transmitted using https and I am awaiting a reply, however, after seeing your reply I will probably just can them.

    Thanks for your reply.


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