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    Billing software

    Just wondering what people recommend for billing solutions for reselling, ie do you just have email entry and then process yourself or use something like phpmanager?

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    well it depends on which company you intend to use for accepting credit cards. But if you have your own merchant account take a look at modernbill as they are great, and they are integrated with
    and more.

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    196 + Modernbill is our preference

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    What you need is a Third Party Solution CCBill
    Highly structured billing with the most advanced security is vital to the success of your web site. With the latest technology, CCBill creates a user-friendly interface for your customers to enjoy fast, real-time billing of credit cards and online checks through the wholesaler account program. This technology reduces the number of potential chargebacks and refunds, enabling your web site to become more profitable and successful. 2Checkout
    2CheckOut offers our customers the ability to easily and securely accept credit card payments from their customers in real time over the Internet. You don't need to spend the time and money to set up your own secure server and transaction software. You can sell goods, services, e-products and memberships, just about anything online! Hostcharge
    HostCharge is one of those few solutions which dont require you to have your own merchant account. We do all the merchant work and provide you with a sophisticated merchant control center (MCC) which has the features of a full-blown merchant account. We have created a very versatile solution combined with affordability so that any type of web host, big or small can use our services. Websitebilling
    Are you selling your services online and accepting payments via the web? If you're not, no doubt your competition is. WebsiteBilling exists to make transacting online - accepting credit cards, checks and other forms of payments - easy for merchants who sell online Planetpayment
    Through Planet Payment, any eligible Internet merchant can accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®*, JCB® and certain other major credit and debit cards through your website in over 140 currencies. Propay
    ProPay is a payment services company that uses the power of the Internet to help people make efficient financial transactions. ProPay enables people to accept credit cards and other forms of payment as traditional merchants do. Intellipay
    There are IntelliPay products and services to suit most ecommerce merchants and their online store systems. Revecom Offers a variety processing tools, including recurring billing, as well as reporting, fraud screening, customer management, and secure payment pages. And to make things even simpler, there is nothing to install, lease or download

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    Revecom, Modernbill and Ubersmith are all great!

    If you are serious, ubersmith all the way!

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    Don't forget

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    Can anyone suggest, FREE billing software available on net. Like, we have Free support software, PerlDesk ( By, the way we accept payments by 2Checkout, service is great.


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    Progress on has drawn to a halt, though the developer has recently posted that it will start up again soon. It's a very nice interface and well worth watching. Though...I don't know if the plan is to charge for it once it is out of Beta.



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    cbms the ubersmith's baby is nice if u can whack it out a bit

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    If you have a reseller account with the H Sphere control panel you get a complete billing manager that does more than any of the above listed solutions. Not to mention, its a free resource from most hosts.
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    well i thought here billing softwares were mentioned so i also didn't mentioned abt my H-Sphere control panel

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