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    any good colo spaces in singapore, hk, japan, malaysia?

    apart from verio, are there any decent datacenters in Asia?

    i'm making a trip to beijing in september, might as well have a look see.

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    There are a few of them depending on your requirement and which country u want to colo in.

    Net263, Cendata in China
    iLink, iAdvantage, Hutchison GlobalCenter in Hong Kong

    I am more familiar with HK and China than the rest of Asia, I colo a few servers in HK and found the speed to be great

    HK is a great place to host/colo since it's geo distance to China is fairly short and it has awesome ping times to anywhere in the world and the rest of Asia. I want to colo in China but I don't think I can trust them.

    PM or post more info. so I can offer u more advices...

    edit: more details
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    contact me by email or AIM

    i'd like to start a conversation, maybe you can help us out

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    In Malaysia there are several around for colo that I'm aware of. You can check these out:

    I can't say much about them though since I've never used them.
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