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    Welcome Letters

    I started this post because I would like to see what type of Welcome Kit or Letter you send to your customers when they actiavte an account.

    I am sure we all have the basic Welcome Letter we send to shared customers…. But does anyone have examples of Welcome Letters for resellers & dedicatd servers… Especially ones that desribe how to manage the server.. Whether it is with ensim, hsphere, etc…

    Here is my shared welcome letter:


    Interactive Online Corporation
    10151 University Blvd #126
    Orlando, Florida 32817
    Web Site:
    Email: [email protected]

    [email protected]=========

    ACCOUNT TYPE: <Type>
    DOMAIN NAME: <Login>
    USERNAME: <Misc1>
    PASSWORD: <Pass>

    Thank you <FName> <LName> for your recent request to activate a web hosting account with Interactive Online. We have received your order and are in the process of activating the web space for <Login>. The web space & domain registration for <Login> will be activated within 24 hours.

    *** How do I check to see if my web space is activated? ***
    Within 24 hours a STATIC IP ADDRESS will be activated for your web space. This is the unique number (on our servers) which points to the location your web pages reside at. You can use the IP# <IP> as your HOSTNAME for FTP and FrontPage uploads. The IP# for your account will be activated within 24 hours and can be found at

    The Domain Registration for <Login> will be completed within 48 hours. Keep trying http://<Login>. Your domain name should point to your IP Address within 1-2 business days.

    If you are transferring this domain from another server or registrar, we will request a transfer to our (Tucows) registrar. The current Administrative Contact of the domain registration must APPROVE the domain transfer. Approval instructions will be emailed to the Administrative Contact listed on the domain registration.

    OUR NAMESERVERS: Please use the following nameserver entries for all domain registrations including .com, .net, .org, & all foreign extensions:

    Primary Name Server
    7a. Primary Server Hostname....: NS.INTERACTIVEONLINE.NET
    7b. Primary Server Netaddress..:

    Secondary Name Server(s)
    8a. Secondary Server Hostname..: NS2.INTERACTIVEONLINE.NET
    8b. Secondary Server Netaddress:

    ANONYMOUS NAMESERVER ENTRIES: If you would like to remain anonymous from our company, please use our anonymous nameserver entries:

    Primary Name Server
    7a. Primary Server Hostname....: NS.PRIMARY-SERVER.NET
    7b. Primary Server Netaddress..:

    Secondary Name Server(s)
    8a. Secondary Server Hostname..: NS2.PRIMARY-SERVER.NET
    8b. Secondary Server Netaddress:

    Domain: <Login>
    Password: <Pass>
    Account Type: <Type>
    FrontPage: <Misc3>

    First Name: <FName>
    Last Name: <LName>
    Email: <OEmail>
    Company: <Company>
    Street: <Street>
    City: <City>
    State: <State>
    Zip: <Zip>
    Phone: <Phone>


    SALES [email protected]
    SUPPORT [email protected]
    BILLING [email protected]
    EMAIL ABUSE [email protected]

    Please use the following info to login & upload your files to your account:

    HOSTNAME: <Login>
    USERNAME: <Misc1>
    PASSWORD: <Pass>

    Your files can be uploaded to your account in many
    ways. You can use Microsoft FrontPage 98/2000,
    FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Telnet, or by logging
    in above to your Web Control Panel. We suggest
    using Microsoft FrontPage 2000 for it's speed &
    ease of use. Uploading (publishing) instructions are located at

    Your default POP email address will be <Misc1>@<Login>
    Use the following settings for your POP email account:

    USERNAME: <Misc1>
    PASSWORD: <Pass>

    Many features of your account can be configured by using your
    web control panel. More info is located at

    DOMAIN: <Login>
    PASSWORD: <Pass>

    Your Web Control Panel gives you full access to edit your account info, update your credit card on file, setup POP email accounts, create MySQL databases, view invoices, make payments & much more...

    If sending a check or money order, please make checks payable to:

    Interactive Online Corporation
    10151 University Blvd. #126
    Orlando, Florida 32817

    ------------------------- PAYMENT STUB --------------------------------

    <FName> <LName>
    <City>, <State> <Zip>

    Date: <Date>
    Login: <Login>

    Balance Due: <Balance> Amount Enclosed: $___________

    *payment is due in 15 days*

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    I don't have one to post, I was just wondering whether you input all the information/account details manually, or is it automated?

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    Its automated of course.
    Western Man

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    Date: %%DATE%%

    Hello %%FULLNAME%%:

    Thank you very much for choosing DownTownHost LLC as your Web and E-Commerce Hosting Provider. This is your account details email for your Web hosting account. Please save this message and read it carefully!

    The contact information we have on file:

    Name: %%FULLNAME%%
    Email: %%EMAIL%%
    Company / Domain: %%COMPANY%%
    Address: %%FULLADDRESS%%
    Phone: %%PHONE1%%
    Billing Method: %%BILLINGMETHOD%%

    Hosting Package: %%PACK_NAME%%
    Billing Cycle: %%CP_BILLINGCYCLE%%
    Start Date: %%CP_STARTDATE%%
    Renewal Date: %%CP_RENEWDATE%%

    Your new account has been created!

    If your domain registration is not yet complete or your domain has not yet been transferred to our servers, you can access your website domain control panel using
    When domain registration is completed or your domain is transferred to our servers use

    You may now transfer your domain name by pointing your nameservers to:

    NameServers IP Address

    %%AD_NS1%% %%AD_NS1_IP%%

    %%AD_NS2%% %%AD_NS2_IP%%


    Please contact the organization where you registered your
    domain and update this information. This is critical! Otherwise, you will only be able to access your site via the above IP address.

    It can take a few days before all rootservers on the web are updated. Please use your IP address in the meantime.


    Domain Name: %%AD_DOMAIN%%
    IP Address: %%AD_IP%%
    Username: %%AD_USERNAME%%
    Password: %%AD_PASSWORD%%
    Website: http://%%AD_DOMAIN%%

    Note: You can temporaly browse your site until domain propagation at http://%%AD_IP%%/~%%AD_USERNAME%%/


    Control Panel Login

    Temporary URL http://%%AD_IP%%/cpanel (use this until domain propagation)
    URL: http://%%AD_DOMAIN%%/cpanel
    Username: %%AD_USERNAME%%
    Password: %%AD_PASSWORD%%


    FTP Account Login

    Temporary IP: %%AD_IP%% (use this until domain propagation)
    Hostname: ftp.%%AD_DOMAIN%%
    Username: %%AD_USERNAME%%
    Password: %%AD_PASSWORD%%


    Billing Manager Login

    Username: %%AD_USERNAME%%
    Password: %%AD_PASSWORD%%

    *Please note that when changing your password through
    your control panel, your billing password will be the same.


    Mail Account Information

    SMTP Host: mail.%%AD_DOMAIN%%
    POP3 Host: mail.%%AD_DOMAIN%%


    Default Email Address

    Email Address: %%AD_USERNAME%%@%%AD_DOMAIN%%
    Username: %%AD_USERNAME%%
    Password: %%AD_PASSWORD%%


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Billing Dept.
    Shared Web Hosting - Reseller Hosting - Semi-Dedicated Servers - SolusVM/XEN VPS
    LiteSpeed Powered - R1Soft Continuous Data Protection - 24/7 Chat/Email/Helpdesk Support
    Cpanel/WHM - Softaculous - R1soft Backup - Litespeed - Cloudlinux -Site Builder- SSH support - Account Migration
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    What software do you use to send the messages? Is it custom made or do you use the software already available?

    Thanks, i'll post our welcome message once we get going, we are still preparing / / : Interested?

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    Do someone really read your welcome kit/letter?

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    Its called "search and replace" We have a custom welcome letter, that we use too. We just search and replace where it says yourip, username, password, yourdomain, ect. Then we check it over and hit "send"
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    We have a program which asks you for a few fields such as:

    Customer Name: ______
    Domain: _______
    Username: ______
    Password: ______
    IP: ________

    Once these fields are entered, it pulls a template from a local file and then performs an automated search and replace in the background and then launches up a New Outlook email, pastes the information and then sends the email to the user..

    The template file looks something like this.

    Hello <FNAME>,

    Your control panel URL is: <domain>/cpanel/
    Your webmail URL is: <domain>/webmail/

    To access your site before your domain has transferred you can use: <domain>/~<username>

    Makes things SO much faster... Requires a Windows system though.
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    I use Modernbill, and it automatically change those variables.
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    Real men use Modernbill

    haha, just kidding
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    Phpmanager does this for you to and its so much cheaper than MB.

    We use it and are very happy with it for shared hosting customers.

    Highly recommened for shared hosting!

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    you should put like a link to the ensim/plesk whatever manual from my standpoint that would be awesome....
    -Robert Norton

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    I highly recommend Modern Bill for this...Its a good software and costs less tooo

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    For a non-prepaid Home Business Package:

    To: \05
    From: Bitserve Systems <[email protected]>
    Subject: Billing Statement: \57

    Bitserve Systems
    P.O. Box 7661
    Ann Arbor, MI 48107-7661

    Ticket#: \57

    Thank you for placing your order with Bitserve Systems.

    Your Web Hosting account has been setup.

    Your URL (Port 80): http://www.\16 or http://\16

    Email (to send/receive mail):

    SMTP Server (Port 25): smtp.\16
    POP3 Server (Port 110): pop.\16
    SPOP Server (Port 995): pop.\16

    FTP (to upload your web site content):
    FTP Server (Port 21): ftp.\16
    Username: \17
    Password: \18

    Account Management Info:
    Your 7 digit User ID: \22
    Your password: \01

    You can view your billing history and perform account management at

    You will need your 7 digit User ID and your password to login and view your information. You will also want to have your User ID and password handy whenever you contact us by phone regarding your account or web hosting service, as we may require your password for verification.

    Your SSL secure form can be managed at Just log in with your username and password, and click on help to get started.

    For more information, please visit the support page and click on the Web Hosting Manual.

    Please go to for support. If you need further help, please email [email protected].

    Ticket#: \57
    Account: \16

    Setup Fee at $ 10.00
    Web Hosting at $ 12.99/Month (Prorated)

    \56-01 \51-01 For Services (Setup + Prorated Month)
    \56-00 \51-00 For Services (Payment by \44)

    \53 Balance

    No email accounts are setup by default. You can setup your email accounts, email aliases, and configure a few other options by using your ftp username and password to login to http://admin.\16

    Please pay close attention to the syntax of the user name (as listed in the manual) when setting up the email client.

    If you are going to use FrontPage to design your website, you will need to request your root web to be installed. Please use the above account managment URL to request these changes.

    We ask that all requests for us to modify your account or the content of your website be made using the forms in the account management area because it will prompt you for your password, this will ensure that all changes have indeed been authorized by you or someone you have entrusted with your password.

    Thanks again for choosing Bitserve.


    Mark Adams
    [email protected]

    Looking at this, I realize now that it needs some updating.
    -Mark Adams - Secure Michigan web hosting for your business.
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