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    Arrow Large Web Design Project

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    i may be interested, i made

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    I am intresting. Info about me and portfolio

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    your site

    I can see why you'd like your site redesigned but I must tell you that I wasn't impressed with the examples of sites you said you liked the look for. The first one has way too much moviing stuff for a business site imho. The second example was a tad better but still could be improved. I'll ponder it a bit ... If you can offer any more info on what you'd like please post it.


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    Everyone is free to have his opinion but for me business sites are better off without animation and similar stuff.

    If you really feel a need of animation then just get a animation designed and a put a link for it on the main page..u know what I mean?

    If you are selling something from your site then the first thing that should cross your mind is winning trust of visitors and that is done by a professional looking design which loads fast. There's much more to it but this is what should be the basic purpose of a design.

    We are really very much intrested in working with you and we can come up with much better designs than what you mentioned.
    I can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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    We are very much interested in working with you on your site redesign. As mentioned above by others, we can also provide a much better design than the sites you put up as examples.

    Our portfolio is at

    We are redesigning Defender Hosting ( temporarily at The site is available to look at via

    We also designed the now defunct SwiftyHost. You can see a screen of it here:

    A beta design of that site is available at

    We recently developed as well.

    We are currently developing The Spray Can ( a community for spray paint artists. The design is in its VERY early stages, but you can view it so far at

    You can contact us via email : [email protected] or personally at my personal email address [email protected]

    Via AIM: fabrikatedmedia

    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon,
    Noah Halter @ Fabrikated Media™
    Lead Designer @ SingleHop

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    We are in fact lookingfor anassignment which enables us to design a site in competition with the pixelbrick guys May be this is an opportunity.

    Wehave really talented designers and we can surely do satisfy your needs. Please email me at [email protected] for a list of sites that we have recently designed and then we can discuss further.

    Abhishek Rungta - Submit your site to 500+ SEO friendly directories - Point. Click. Edit. Works with existing site.

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    We will be inetrested. Please contact us.

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    Send us an RFP and we'll send you back a formal proposal with all our previous work and references.

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    Look no further...

    Hi there,

    I guarantee you that we can match the exact aesthetic you desire. Our work has been compared (favorably no less) to that of Pixelbrick on several occasions. Here are some examples which may interest you:

    Thanks for your post and please feel free to e-mail ([email protected]) or PM me if you're interested in discussing this further.

    I look forward to possibly working with you.

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    We do quite a bit of flash / design work and are involved in lots of php/mysql work as well. Please feel free to take a look at and check out the portfolio / featured site. The latest one we have done was just put up as of yesterday, so the portfolio has not been updated yet. You can view that at Please feel free to IM me as alembobway , MSN as [email protected] , or email me at [email protected] .


    Tanner Jones
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    Owner, TannerCREATIVE
    [email protected]

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