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    Celeron vs Pentium


    Does it make so much difference if I use Intel Celeron™ 1Ghz, instead of Intel Pentium 4™ 1.5Ghz?

    I plan to use it to host about 200 websites (spend 75GB
    per month). Other server configurations will be 512MB RAM, 60GB IDE HD.

    Thanks for any reply.

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    It would really depend on what 200 sites you host! If they are sites that use html and not a lot of PHP, MySQL, or CGI you should be alright with 75GB a month on a 1GHZ celeron.

    I would suggest 1GB of ram though, you can never have enough.

    Have you given any thought to backing up those 200 sites.

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    75GB a month isnt enough]

    if you only expect 75GB bandwidth cost a month ,then you probably gonna disappointed .

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