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Thread: Cogent Dc's

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    Cogent Dc's

    Can anyone recommend any affordable data center or cogent lit building in the DC, nothern VA, maryland area. If you are using cogent out of this areas also, please let me know what data center you use. Thanks

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    i live near DC and can recommend some non-cogent DC's around the area. Why would you want strictly cogent? isnt that putting yourself into a bad position?

    I hear nothing but bad things about them and see tons of stuff to prove it.

    I know of one DC which has over 60 peering providers. It costs around 100-135 per u and you get 1mbps.

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    but everybody other than cogent is really expensive (relatively)... and... yeah, cogent has their network quality issues... but some people just don't give a damn about their sites n doesn't care if its a tad bit slow... lol... with today's ad market, not like these sites are makin' a huge profit... heh

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    well cogent isnt the best backbone but they are good for some things like irc servers were its ok to have like 100~ms ping to the server and when they get dos'ed it doesnt cost you as much hehe

    or if you have like a website that mirrors files or like adult content cogent is good basicly anything that needs lots of bandwidth at a somewhat higher latency its good..
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    How much are you looking to spend?

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