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    A+ Hosting's "Eternal"

    I just would like to share my experiences with A+ hosting, and in particular, their Eternal plan....I've been having troubles with aplushosting for two weeks now concerning bandwidth, and my friend did a search to find more information for me, and came up with a thread about aplushosting that took place in February 2002 on this board. I'm not sure if any of you remember it, but suffice it to say, if I would have read it before I opened up an account with them, I wouldn't be one unhappy little webmistress. So this is for those who might be unhappy later .;;; The post in Feb 02 discussed such things as bandwidth issues, the customer service staff not being helpful and the statics not working properly, etc. I just wanted to post a followup of my experiences with them, well...because I feel nothing has changed by the way of customer service.

    My site's bandwidth was stripped a few days ago after it was direct linked, and my complaint is, even after I took action on the account to alleviate it of it's bandwidth transfer. When I tried to email the CEO about it yesterday, the site no longer loads I guess, that was his response....anyway, here is the message I sent to the CEO just so you guys don't think about getting the Eternal plan from I give it a very very poor recommendation. Find another host...


    I would like to share with you an experience I have had with your tech support. First of all, I have been a "eternal" plan customer since Feburary 01.

    On August 16, 2002, I received an email from Omar saying that my bandwidth has increased and to "prune" down the site, or upgrade, and to do it within two days or they would delete my account.

    I immediately investigated and found that several images were being direct linked against my knowledge and definitely without my permission, by five message boards, four of which are below. I informed Omar and was very concerned about the account and he assured me repeatedly that he would watch the account and that something "would be worked out".

    I immediately "pruned" down the site and removed half it's content in the form of two image galleries within 24 hours. I went back and forth with Omar several times a day, every day, for two weeks now, telling him that the images were being direct linked and that I had removed the images from the server entirely. Every day I was removing more and more images. He still insists that my bandwidth is ever "increasing daily" (which frankly I think is impossible as most of the site has been removed) and has evaded all my attempts to get proof of this increasing bandwidth consumption. The most I have gotten out of him is a graph showing high bandwidth consumption, which franky, I could reproduce in Photoshop. I would like to see proof of this ever increasing bandwidth consumption, because the control panel's statistics show an all-time low on my site since we removed all the galleries as indicated by the reports. Unless it is proved otherwise, these are the statistics I will believe to be true. I would like to know which files are being accessed to cause such high bandwidth consumption now that all of the big files are gone. I would like to see which directories this high bandwidth consumption is coming from. I would like to see what is happening to the account to warrant Omar telling me that the bandwidth is increasing more and more every day when I have eliminated half the site. All these answers I fail to receive from the control panel's statistics OR Omar.

    Additionally, I was VERY displeased to learn that after I had immediately taken corrective action on the account and deleted the galleries, a bandwidth cap was enforced on my account in the THIRD week of August. Not when the bandwidth went up, not when the bandwidth exceeded it's maximum allowed per the plan, but a few days AFTER I had removed the galleries and told Omar I had intended to "prune" the site even more. So they basically took away my bandwidth and told me if I wanted my site to not load slowly I would have to upgrade. I find that unacceptable. I feel as if I am being bullied by someoone trying to make me upgrade from the "eternal" plan, to a more expensive plan needlessly. Again, I REMOVED the bandwidth consuming content within 24 hours of the notification that there was a problem.

    Since all this has happened in the middle of the month (I was first notified by Omar on 8-16-2002 and the image galleries came down by 8-17-2002), and my bandwidth was capped around 8-22-2002, I pleaded with Omar to wait until the first of the month to set a bandwidth cap on me so that my visitors would not time out before the pages would load since I have acted quickly in removing the bandwidth consuming images. But he said, "The site keeps on consuming more and more bandwidth" and has not proved it yet. In addition, he said, "I consulted this with a higher department, and thing is that your account type (Eternal) is very strict with bandwidth."...... (now again, if this were true, I would have been capped in July when my bandwidth skyrocketed, not AFTER I removed half the content, and in the third week in August)....." I checked your account's bandwidth consumption and i must say that it does have an enormous load of bandwidth consumption."

    However, I had a lesser bandwidth consuming problem last year at this time and dealt with Peter, and he said, conversely, that your company is working to upgrade the system so that we can prevent direct linking (which it has NOT) and that aplushosting would not penalize me for bandwidth consumption due to direct linking. I find the way I am being treated now very disturbing. Here is part of that correspondence with Peter:
    I am wondering if you offer any protection to your accounts against direct linking the way Geocities, Crosslink and Xoom does. You can't direct link off get an error page when you try to direct link them. Does aplushosting plan on having something similar or would you consider looking into the matter?
    That's a feature that is planned for the control panel...
    Please check into the matter. It especially comes in handy for those of us who are worried about going over our bandwidth.
    Don't worry... if you go over bandwidth due to that, we'll understand.
    In addition, I don't know if you are aware of this (news is getting around), but this new search engine-moron-person just created a website/search engine and is direct linking off of the actual inside contents of many people's sites. Not just links like normal search engines such as altavista, but he is direct linking off my thumbnails, large images, and everything else he can get his hands on. While I have complained (as well as others), it would really be wonderful if you would consider looking into ways to protect us from this. Anyway, here is the site that is direct linking to me off your server (in case you can do anything to help me)
    Sheesh... and there is no way on their system to remove your web site
    from there? If not, it would be a nice lawsuit.

    I would really appreciate it if my bandwidth would be restored this month as I have acted with the most honorable intentions and took down the offending files as directed in the first correspondence, and I have done so immediately.

    When I bought the eternal account, it was made perfectly clear by your OWN terms:
    We at A+ Hosting are quite flexible about this, and we usually do not ask a customer to upgrade to a higher level plan unless the website is "abusing" our service's bandwidth. By "abusing" we refer to:

    Placing big files available for download. Things like games, ROMS, MP3s and other such things.
    Turning their website into a storage site for other websites (i.e. becoming a "mirror" for example), turning it into a storage for personal backups or file distribution among friends (i.e.: "I'll upload Y file so that Joe and his friends can download it tomorrow").
    Websites that are nothing but a collection of pictures (i.e. supermodel sites).

    We don't mind you going over the limit. In fact, many customers reach 40 to 50GB/s per month. However, the more traffic you get, the more resource intensive your web site becomes, so please, read our general policies before signing up.

    This can all be summarized into this: at A+ Hosting, you don't have to pay for extra bandwidth. We are quite flexible about this, and we'll do everything within our reach to not raise your monthly payment.

    I have not been treated with any flexiblity. I have been doing all the "giving and giving" by "deleting and deleting" and my reward is to have every ounce of bandwidth restricted from my site so that it takes two minutes to load a page, if it loads without timing out. And further, I am told that if I don't want my site to load slowly, to pay more money. I could undestand if I had not taken any corrective action on the account, but I acted quickly to resolve the problems. So please reconsider the way I am being treated and correct this problem.


    I hope this post doesn't offend anyone, and additionally, I hope it helps someone out there who is looking for web space...

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    I have the eternal, been using it for about a year and a half.. no monthly fee rocks!

    I have never had any problems, speeds have always been fast and the techs respond via email in NO TIME

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    How much bandwidth were you "using"? At what level made it "cap" out? Seems like the host int adequately equipped to handle the request. Your thoughts? Thanks
    What do you want to build today?
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    wow that is a very long and informative post...

    i would love to hear A+ hosting's side of the story as well.
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    Thumbs down A+ Hosting Eternal Account Customers - charging for domain name renewal!

    Are there any other A+ Hosting Eternal account customers out there who are as outraged as I am about their suddent decision to charge us for the yearly domain name renewal?

    I just received noticed that my domain name is about to expire (in less than a month now). I had already paid my yearly maintenance fee of $25 back in February. In the past, this covered domain name renewal.. now James at A+ Hosting is tell me that domain name renewal is no longer "free" -- it is an additional $14.95 per year.

    How outrageous that they take my money upfront and then change the terms of the contract with me..

    I've filed a complaint with the BBB online -- I urge you to do the same if you are unhappy with A+ Hosting's business conduct.
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