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    I didnt make the splash page yet

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    Your site looks good. Wonderful job. I feel something is missing in the background.

    You are still to make the intro page. With this kind of work, I am sure you will make your intro page even better.

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    thanks for the coments, im going to put some sort of black and white picture in the background, and im currently working on the intro. thanks again


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    I don't like it.

    Your main page says nothing about the site, and boy does it take its sweet time to load all the way. The sounds are so annoying. Sounds=evil on websites IMO.

    The colors are all right, but it all still feels like something's missing to me.

    And as far as the portfolio goes, surely you've made other sites of your own in the past. Why don't you put those in there so people can see other examples of your skills?

    Just random thoughts.. You know..

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    The loading time is more. The size of the page is too small. It looks very simple.

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