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    Exclamation WHM Private label resellers from $9.99/month

    <edit only 4 accounts of plan 1 (1gig/18gig bw) @ $14.95/month left>


    iKiwi Internet Limited is a new company formed from two smaller companies, &

    We are about to launch our new site,

    We would like to offer you guys some great savings on private label resellers plans, the server you would be on is,
    System Vital
    Cannonical Hostname
    Listening IP
    Kernel Version 2.4.18-5
    Uptime 2 days 16 hours 32 minutes
    Current Users 1
    Load Averages 0.00 0.02 0.00

    As you can see its brand new just up.

    The first plan we would like to offer is a custom one not displayed at and that is this,

    Web Space 500meg
    Bandwidth Limit 10GB
    IP Addresses 3
    Monthly Price US$9.99 $0 Setup

    The next plan is our lovely named "Plan 1"

    Web Space 1gig
    Bandwidth Limit 18GB
    IP Addresses 5
    Monthly Price US$14.95 $0 Setup
    (Normaly US$19.95/month)

    These plans are locked down at this price until you leave us if you ever do!

    All Plans come Standard with,

    UNLIMITED Domains Hosted
    UNLIMITED FTP Accounts
    UNLIMITED Sub Domains
    UNLIMITED POP3 Email Accounts
    UNLIMITED Email Lists
    UNLIMITED Email Forwarders
    UNLIMITED Auto Responders
    UNLIMITED MySQL Databases
    WHM and CPanel 4.9
    Custom Name Servers, etc for you & your clients.
    Great Support
    Daily Backups to another server at another datacenter then to another hard drive!
    Quality Bandwidth (no cogent)
    Anonyms Server name (
    All of our accounts are hosted on Redhat Linux 7.3 P3 1.2 GHz + machines with 512 MB of RAM or more. We assure you our customer that we will sell no more accounts than the machine will handle.

    Extra's I.P $0.40/month
    Bandwidth $3/month/gig or pre paid $2/month/gig

    We are also offering this to resellers after a lot more but not yet a dedicated.

    ONLY 5 Resellers Per Server MAX!
    10gig Web Space
    70gig BW/month each.
    Fully Managed Server, Same details as above.
    You may find plans like this for cheaper but Those will not have a limit of only 5 resellers per server. 5 per server will help things run smooth.
    Private Forum for the 5 resellers.

    To Order the Plan 1 @ only US$14.95 a month go here,

    For more info or to order the other plans email me at, [email protected] or [email protected]

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    I would like to sign up for plan 1 (1gig/18gig bw) @ $14.95/month.
    Is it still available?

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    Yeah a couple at that price.
    Callum Henderson, is now, bigger and better!

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