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    Question phpmanager forums?

    Have any phpmanager users heard the scoop on the phpmanager forums? They were there (at yesterday, and have now been gone for about 24 hours.

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    Its up for me.

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    Very strange...

    When I go to the forum url:

    I get an empty directory listing.

    That is the URL you are using to get to the forums, isn't it?

    Thanks for the reply Haze

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    After a quick reboot I was able to get to the forums.

    Here is a PM I found there from Locutus:


    I moved the forums to our new server, but only half of the world is able to access the new server just now, whereas the other half are still getting pointed to the old server when they type in the url

    Thanks again for the reply, and thank you Locutus for the PM

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    Working Fine Here...

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