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    Chicago Data Center

    I have a customer who needs a cabinet in Chicago. What are some data centers in that area?

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    Servercentral's located in Chicago. We've been with them for about half a year and it's been 100% uptime. Speedy and professional support. Their url is Make sure you speak with Jordan on AIM, his SN is "Jordan Lowe". Tell him Derek sent cha!

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    Equinix is the big-dog data center in Chicago. They're retail rate is $1000/cab, lots of bandwidth providers to choose from. That's where Servercentral's servers are, so you can probably find an Equinix customer that can get you better pricing. There's also Switch & Data too. HE's Chicago presence is there. You can also try Focal. Smaller private providers are us and Anet. Any target budget? Do they actually need a full cabinet?

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    hmm. afaik there's also and yeah, i do remember too.
    there's also if your searching for the el cheapo

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