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Thread: reseller host ?

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    reseller host ?

    I'll post this in the other forum too but wondering if anyone can recommend a good host. This is what I'm looking for..

    I want to start small, about 200 mbs maybe with high transfer quotas, unlimited email, subdomains, domains, lists, where i can run scripts, bulleten board etc..all the goodies I want to be able to subdivide my space as i see fit and provide webhosting. I'd rather have control than have everything automated. I want the host to be waaay in the background so that my business appears as MY business. I do NOT want a wedows server as I think linux/unix is much more reliable and faster.

    Other than getting things set up I shouldn't need much support and can provide good support to my clients myself as long as things are running well with the host Shopping cart scripts etc would be a bonus.

    I want to host a couple of medium/small businesses and a bunch of very small, low hit sites, some which are non prophit

    can anyone help?


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    Hi Yah MsTeree,

    You can try, found them so far to be real good, they use WHM & CPanel which means it's a breeze for you to set-up your own hosting plans.



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