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    Majordomo and List Owner


    I was just playing with Majordomo and could set up the mailing list to subscribe and unsubscribe.

    However, I was wondering if it is possible to :-

    a) make it an announce type of mailing list in which only I can send emails to those on the group and not anyone who has access to mail to [email protected] .

    b) how to define the mailing list owner. I know the owner email addy is [email protected] but when I mail to that, it gets to the admin root email account of the server. How do I define that ?

    c) Also if I want the list to be one which allows others to post to each other on the list, how do I make the email sent out to have a Reply-to which points to the email address of the mailing list.

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    Hee eddy,

    Not exactly what you are looking for but still usefull.

    I would create a new user under the main site "SOMENAME", (I would choose an account that is unlikely to ever receive mail accidentally - ie. add some weird stuff like numbers etc, coz you wont want all your customers receiving mail from outside sources on this ! )

    Then you now need to do this from SSH:

    ls -Al /home/spool/mail/* | gawk {'print "\\"$9'} | sed 's~/home/spool/mail/~~' > /home/sites/home/users/SOMENAME/.forward


    Now send an EMAIL to the new account (ie. [email protected] )

    You could then delete the account I suppose, or keep it inplace for next time. BUT remember to run the "ls -Al...." thing again, incase new acounts have been created.....

    You may Notice that any mail you send to the account SOMENAME ([email protected]) will have SOMENAME in the TO email address, which will then reveal to all you users what email address can access the whole Raq. An easy way to avoid this happening would be to address the TO address as something like [email protected], and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) [email protected]. Thus hiding the REAL email address that allows MASS Raq mailing

    Credit goes to raqfaq.

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