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    [For Hire] System Admin / Level 3 Support

    Hello, my name is Gary Carr. I am the former founder and owner of an ISP, Web Hosting, and Competitive Local Exchange Carrier. After selling my businesses and taking an extended vacation I am seeking employment in a level 3 or System Admin capacity. Iíve been in the Internet business since 1995 when I founded my first company out of a spare bedroom of my house. Having grown, managed, and built out a physical company owned network that started business as a BBS in 1995 to a full service provider servicing over 15,000 dial/DSL customers, managing 60,000 domains on over 100 servers, and providing telecommunication services to over 2000 customers I have the experience to perform just about any job function required in this business.

    I seek employment that will allow me to work from my home office here in North Carolina. Re-location is something I would consider for the right job after a mutual probationary work period.

    I can be reached by email to garyacarr [at]

    Best Regards,


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    Please send your resume + salary requirements to careers (at)

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