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    practically free php programmer

    I have over 2 years of experience in php and mysql and am looking for new challenges,
    if anyone has an interesting project in mind which may give a small return in $ or advertising I would be happy to lend my skills
    else for any other projects for anyone here I can guarantee to beat anyone else's price

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    how much could you create a banner script, that displays a banner on my site, and logs to a flat file, the amount of times it has been viewed, clicked, etc

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    do you mean something which will rotate through a few adverts, like with image/animation links in a text file, and then when they are clicked, the no. of clicks will go up by 1 in a text file, and then redirect to the page what the advert is for?
    this seems quite simple to do if this is what you were after, no more than $10 for it, if even that

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    Hi iam looking for a php programmer for a large and challenging project.
    I'll tell u all about it if u are intrested (just post here or pm me).

    The site is gonne have about 2000-10.000 VISITORS (real visitors no hits) a day, but for 95% sure 6000+ and increasing every 3 months. Mainly the visitors will be 12-25 years old european males, especially the Netherlands, sweden, uk, danmark. belgium, france and germany.
    Site is gonne be in english ofcoarse.

    As a return u'll have a great thing to add to your portfolio and i'll give u space on every page of the site on a rotating banner system for at least 2.000.000 views or if the job is really good, for lifetime. I can also pay you, but that will not be mutch since iam a student and iam just starting with this project.

    Iam working together with great flashers, 3d max-ers, html-ers, photoshoppers, promoters, etc. What we need is a talanted php-er or asp-er to join our team.

    Shortly u just share in the profits.

    Like i sayd pm, mail or post a reply so i know u are intrested and i'll provide u with all details.

    Thanx in advance
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    sounds like a good project, ive sent you an email (hopefully aslong as my mail accounts working properly), let me know if you have received it ok

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