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    Question NIS+ LDAP farm authentication

    I have been looking at centralising our linux users usernames and passwords for services like ftp, smtp, pop, imap so I started looking for servers or plugin modules for each of the above servers that supported mysql. I've looked at pureftp, courier imap and pop etc and decided that changing the server types to support an authentication method isn't the best approach.

    I've played a little with pam_mysql but not had very good results.

    Now I'm looking at NIS+ and Ldap in the hope that I can find an implementation of them that supports MySQL backends and that the main servers are happy authenticating from Nis+ or Ldap.

    After spending the best part of a day on google, dejanews and freshmeat and installing and uninstalling several packages I'm shattered and no nearer to a 'simple' answer.

    Does anyone have any good recommendations or case studies where ISP's running small server farms have been able to centralise the user management for a range of services?

    (Is NIS+ still viable? Google searches seem to suggest it's not really in mainstream use? Any alternatives?)


    John Lyons
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    I'm not sure about that, but I think DNS replaces NIS+. Maybe you wanted NFS?
    Ahmad Alhashemi
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