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    * NameServer Records

    Hi People:

    I'm newbie here, and my english is far away of perfection, but i'll try to explain my doubt.

    Last week, i setup Bind 9 on my server and configure a zone for one of my domains. The master was here on my server with a static ip, and i configure a slave zone on another place, with different ip.

    After that, i went to my register ( and i modify Dns Records... register created new nameservers record with the corresponding ip. My doubt is how i can modify the ip o erase the records? I know i can delete the records on register control panel, but if i go to and i do a nameserver whois... i can still see the ip. What can i do?

    Thanks for all,

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    how long has it been? it takes 12 - 72 hours

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