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    Hello people,

    I am interested in developing web-based help desk software such as WonderDesk. I just need some general input about the features and basic design suggestions about:

    1. ASP model (pay per month) or one-time software purchase, or both?
    2. Features (what you would like most)
    3. Platform (ASP, PHP, JSP, PL)
    4. Suggested Pricing (based on what you think the value of this software is to you.)

    Thanks for the help/suggestions.


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    1. I would prefer a one time fee, even if it's a bit more than the monthly fee I find it a hassle to maintain another monthly expense.

    2. Your basic stuff, ticket #, tech assigned, time completed in, etc... some nice features would include % of tickets solved per tech... this would help for people who pay for how well their people perform.

    3. PHP and Perl would be ok, most everybody uses these.

    4. Any number less than what I want to pay

    Hope this helps,


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    Yeah, survey. I saw this but for one thing, it is a software survey (so throwing it in the Advertsing Forum might not make sense). Also, it seems to be anonymous (at least I couldn't figure out any info what-so-ever on this person, so it isn't an ad).

    These are a bit grey. I can't explain the formula exactly, but if it is by a host, it will usually end up in the Advertsing Forum. Every other question could be construed as a 'survey', I know (I'm aware of this, but will have to decide this case by case).

    For now it can stay, but I suppose some clarification is needed so people don't get confused/upset, etc.

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    Dear Administrator Chicken,

    Maybe survey was a bad title. Maybe 'suggestions'? I was just looking for some input on Help Desk Software.

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