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    RFP: hardening and support on a couple of systems

    There's a few servers involved...

    1 - Centos 5.1 w/DA, CExec, and Status2k
    2 - Centos 5 w/DA and Status2K -- Remote VPS for DNS and monitor only
    3 - Win2003R2 w/IIS6 and .NET2 and SQL2005-- probably getting dotnetpanel
    4 - Win2008 w/IIS7 and .NET3.5 and SQL2005-- also probably getting DNP

    Servers 5 is internal/specialty and IF you want to you can include a secondary quote for admin'ing it as well -- no customer involvement for this though...

    5. Win2008 /IIS7/NET3.5/SQL2005/DNP -- does backups of other servers, and for internal development projects

    1,3,4 have Mirrored drive. 5 is a RAID5 array box. 2 is a small VPS, to server remote DNS and monitor the primary servers, and serve as a remote messages/notice site in case of problems.

    Looking for assistance is finishing out these setups (hardening/optimization), and either a monthly $ or per ticket support arrangement.

    PM me with your best offers... TIA

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    PM sent..thanks
    Sam - Specialist in Windows/Linux Server Management - Custom Software Development
    Email: exec @ | Skype: exec_activelobby

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    We are expertise in server management and optimization with over 4 years of experience in the Web Hosting Industry. We have managed over 1000's of servers. Let me know if you are interested in working with us and we will discuss about it . Feel free to contact us
    Aim: supportmatrix247
    Yahoo: supprtmatrix
    Skype: support_matrix
    ICQ: 352504602
    Web Hosting Gurus

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    Please check your PM.

    Thank you.


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    PM sent, please check
    Sstarshining [at]
    Hyper-V / Websitepanel / Plesk / Helm 4/3 /Control Panel Setup, Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting
    Server Managment,Websitepanel,Helm Migrations, Security & Hardening.

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