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    RFP: hardening and support on a couple of systems

    There's a few servers involved...

    1 - Centos 5.1 w/DA, CExec, and Status2k
    2 - Centos 5 w/DA and Status2K -- Remote VPS for DNS and monitor only
    3 - Win2003R2 w/IIS6 and .NET2 and SQL2005-- probably getting dotnetpanel
    4 - Win2008 w/IIS7 and .NET3.5 and SQL2005-- also probably getting DNP

    Servers 5 is internal/specialty and IF you want to you can include a secondary quote for admin'ing it as well -- no customer involvement for this though...

    5. Win2008 /IIS7/NET3.5/SQL2005/DNP -- does backups of other servers, and for internal development projects

    1,3,4 have Mirrored drive. 5 is a RAID5 array box. 2 is a small VPS, to server remote DNS and monitor the primary servers, and serve as a remote messages/notice site in case of problems.

    Looking for assistance is finishing out these setups (hardening/optimization), and either a monthly $ or per ticket support arrangement.

    PM me with your best offers... TIA

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    PM sent..thanks
    Sam - Expertise in Windows/Linux server support, IaaS and PaaS Management - Custom Software Development
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    Please check your PM.

    Thank you.


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    PM sent, please check
    Sstarshining [at]
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