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    * Logo / Banner / Site design - NO TEMPLATES!!!

    We design from scratch, no templates, "word free" logos or banners - 100% original work.

    For a one time only offer, we will design purely for links and reccomendations, and possibility of future business. We would be interested in hooking up with a hosting company to offer full solutions, i.e. site + host packages.

    Any designing work undertaken.

    Reply via any method in my footer.


    Gray (site under construction)

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    If you need anything at all, just send me an email and I'll be getting back to everybody tonight.

    All I ask for in return is some credit or maybe a link on your site.



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    Do you have a portfolio of your work?

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    Not really (yet) - hence this thread My portfolio site will be on

    I do have loads of examples I can post, hang on a sec......

    I have loads more

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