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    webhost questions

    as follows:

    what is
    1. dynamic and static IP hosting ?
    2. unlimited and unmetered POP, FTP , etc??
    3. domain name pointer?

    as far as i know is that, a person register say, get a webhosting company, the webhost will assign an IP address, then when the site is up, we just type or the IP address to load the pages, so what's with the domain name pointer thingy and dynamic/static IP ?

    thx alot.

    untrained blurred

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    Dynamic IP Hosting is (at least it might be) where you host your website on an IP address that changes (Home ADSL Connection for example) and then have one of those dynamic DNS providers update there domain record for you each time your IP address changes.

    Static IP Hosting would be where your IP never changes. This is what most webhosting customers have.

    Unmetered is different then Unlimited. Unmetered can mean that they dont charge you for the transfer. That is if you transfer 100 files or 1000 files the cost is the same. Unlimited means you can have as many as you want.

    A domain name pointer is where you have numerous domains such as:,, and all go to the same website.

    Walter Landman <[email protected]>
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