Okay, the following are the September ad prices for FHWrestling.com. I am taking the first true offers I receive so if you are interested, be sure to email me at [email protected] quickly.

Banner On Entry/Splash Page - $25
Banner On Bottom Of Every Page (But Splash) - $50
120x60 Box/Button Ad - $50 (refers between 100 & 800 per day!)
Text Link On Nav Menu - $20
Plugged On Newsposts (Conditional) - $40 (Sends Between 40 & 500 PER POST)

Our daily hits average at around 6k uniques, 10k visits, over 50k imps on 3rd party trackers; and over 100k daily imps on server-side trackers. We have a high-yield so are a good investment.

All prices above are monthly and negotiable.

Make all offers in my PM box or via e-mail at [email protected]