Iím looking for an individual interested in forming a 50/50 partnership in a Web hosting company. The ideal partner will be someone in the St. Louis, MO area or within a 500 mile radius. You must be able to put in an initial investment of $5000. The partnership will be in a New Web Hosting business. Basically the partnership / business will consist of the following:

Each partner will contribute 50% of the capital needed to form and operate the web hosting business. These expenses will include (Web Design, Monthly server expense, Support, and Marketing) and any other expense associated with the business.

Each partner will share in 50% of the duties necessary to run the business.

Each partner will share in 50% of the profits.

Iím looking for someone that shares similar goals and ideas about a Web Hosting business. Some of my goals and ideas are:

To provide a stable and reliable web hosting environment.

To use a data center that is known for their reliability and redundant network connections.

To use brand servers that are know for there quality and reliability. (Like Dell & SuperMicro).

To provide in-depth documentation and or tutorials on common hosting task and related popular scripts and applications.

Initially, Iím looking at using H-Sphere to provide the ability to sell both Unix and Windows hosting accounts.

Except for providing top quality and reliable service, most other business model ideas are open for discussion and change per the definition of ďPartnershipĒ.

What I can offer is a solid understanding of the Web Hosting business, the ability to market, and a working knowledge of the technical aspects of web hosting. There is a LOT that I know about the web hosting business and there is a LOT that I donít know. It is my desire to find someone that has some of the knowledge and skills that I donít have.

All SERIOUS inquiryís please PM or email me with your questions and / or your thoughts on this matter.