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    Registering Name Servers

    hi, I'm running on Matrixreseller's plan which allows me to run my own name server. The problem is how do I get it registered? I've already gotten the domain which is used as my name server domain (e.g., but when I try to modify the name server entey domain for the domain with
    NameCheap throws back an error .... am I doing something wrong?

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    Some registrars require all name server modifications be handled by support. This includes eNom and their resellers, NameCheap included. I have no idea why this is. Also send the new IP#s with your email to their support.

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    Contact namecheap support.

    This is a standard control panel function for many registrars, but we regularly hear that namecheap requires you to contact them to create nameservers based on your domain name.

    If you plan to have non-CNO domains use your nameservers, you should also ask them to add your nameservers to the "foreign" registries at the same time (biz, info, etc).

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