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    Just got a AMD 1 Ghz - Ensim - Now what?


    I am sorry if this has been asked many times before, but I am hoping you all can help me & others in the future.

    I just leased a AMD Duron 1 Ghz. - Ensim from Rackshack.

    Now, how do I get this server ready to offer hosting to my customers? What patches should I install? What software/scripts should be installed? What upgrades should be made? What security measures should be taken? How do I get this server ready for the net & all the customers can ask for.

    I appreciate in advance all the help & advice you all can give.

    Thank You,

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    Congrats on getting your first server (?)... the questions you've asked are very common for many new hosting companies around here who just get a Rackshack server and then expect to put customers on it... there's more to managing a server than upgrading the software etc. Over time, you'll come across problems... even small problems... that you'll need a Systems Administrator to solve, since Rackshack wouldn't be able to help you. I would suggest hiring a Systems Administrator to manage the server for you, the cost for such a person ranges greatly from $100-$300 per month.

    Alan Ho
    Former Systems Administrator

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