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    * EXTREMLEY EXPERIENCED in many industry fields, looking for job!!

    A friend of mine is looking for a job, he can do anything remotley, such as Remote Admin and Remote Support. If your in the Bay Area of California, he is available for network/system administration and security assessment/penetration testing..

    I included his resume below, any other positions you can think of he is available for too.. Please PM or email me at [email protected] for information and offers... My aim is "Its Illmatic"..

    Email me with all inquiries at [email protected]



    ** Experience **

    NOC/Security Engineer Hurricane Electric September 2000 . July 2001

    While working with Hurricane Electric ( my job duties As a NOC engineer included providing information to collocation customers, and assisting them in various system and network administration tasks regarding their machines and internal network structures. I regularly performed CSU/DSU troubleshooting with customers who had leased lines. I also assisted Web hosting customers with various web development issues which consisted of Html, Perl and PHP Programming.

    In the course of my employment with Hurricane Electric I was also responsible for implementing several security procedures including detecting vulnerabilities in customer systems, notification of such vulnerabilities, Detecting DoS (Denial of Service) attacks and testing security of company web servers. I also started preliminary work on a procedure reference model for Intrusion Analysis.

    Network Consultant MetroED June 1999 . May 2000

    While working as a Network Consultant for MetroED I was responsible for various system and network maintenance tasks, which included installation and configuration of various servers and workstations running Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris, IRIX, and Novell. I also administrated a network of Sun SunRay diskless network appliance/workstations. I also assisted the MIS director and engineers in detecting and preventing network bottlenecks, detecting and preventing intrusions, user management, and vulnerability analysis at the remote and local level.

    Network Administrator FAFA.NET May 1999 . May 2000

    While I was a Network Administrator for, a travel agency, I was responsible for installation, configuration and maintenance for several network devices including a 3COM SuperStack II switch and a FreeBSD Web, email, and ftp server. I was also responsible for maintaining connectivity through an SDSL circuit.

    Unix Systems Administrator Shell-o-Matic September 1999 . July 2000

    While working with Shell-o-Matic I worked remotely to co-administrate two Slackware Linux machines and was responsible for over 250 users. Other tasks I was responsible for where local and network security, system configuration and maintenance.

    Unix Systems Administrator Coresync Corporation December 1999 . February 2001

    While working with Coresync Incorporated, I worked remotely to co-administrate an OpenBSD machine and a Slackware Linux machine. I was responsible for over 150 users per machine. I also was responsible for synchronizing file system data on both machines using NFS, system security, configuration and maintenance of various computing technologies.

    ** Skill Set **
    Operating Systems

    . RedHat Linux
    . Slackware Linux
    . Debian Linux
    . SunOS 5.6 . 5.7 (Solaris)
    . Bell Labs Plan9
    . FreeBSD
    . OpenBSD
    . NetBSD
    . Windows 9x
    . Windows 2000 Professional
    . Windows 2000 Server, Advanced

    Hardware / Platforms

    . I386 (Pentium, Amd)
    . Limited SGI
    . SCSI
    . Limited RISC
    . Sun SPARC
    . IDE, EIDE

    Network Services

    . Network File System (NFS)
    . Andrew File System (AFS)
    . Sendmail (SMTP)
    . Qmail (SMTP)
    . Secure Shell (SSHD)
    . CVS (Concurrent Version System)
    . XServer (XFree86)
    . ISC DHCP
    . Windows File Sharing
    . Samba (Unix Windows FS)
    . Qualcomm qpopper (POP3)
    . Cucipop (POP3)
    . ISC BIND (named) (DNS)
    . MS Active Directory Services
    . Kerberos IV, V Authentication Services
    . Skey System Authentication


    . OSI Model Fundamentals
    . Ethernet
    . 3COM Switches
    . IPSEC
    . Subnetting and IP addressing
    . DLINK switch and Hubs
    . VPN
    . TCP/IP Fundamentals
    . Knowledge of UDP
    . IPV4 Fundamentals
    . IPV6 Tunneling
    . Basic Routing (CISCO)
    . VLANS
    . PPPOE


    . Basic Perl
    . AWK
    . HTML
    . Unix Shell Scripting
    . Login Scripts
    . Local Security Analysis
    . Basic PHP
    . SQL
    . Basic C
    . DOS Batch Files
    . Penetration Testing
    . Remote Security Analysis


    . Snort Intrusion Detection System.
    . NMAP, SATAN, PSCAN Network Scanners.
    . Advanced Knowledge of Format String, Buffer and Heap Overflows.
    . Local and Remote Vulnerability analysis, Intrusion Detection Systems.
    . Various Access Authentication Protocols VPN, LDAP, KERBEROS.
    . Penetration Testing using various tools, scanners, custom programs.

    ** Education **

    Computer Maintenance CCOC/CP Vocational 1997 - 1998
    Multimedia Design CCOC/CP Vocational 1998 . 1999
    Network Administration CCOC/CP Vocational 1999 - 2000 (CNA: Certified Network Administrator)


    Contact me for more information and offers

    Email: [email protected]
    AIM: Its Illmatic


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    no interests?

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    Originally posted by peteny
    no interests?
    I don't think it's personal, I just don't think (by the looks of it) that there are many (or any) people seriously looking to hire. Perhaps saying this will make me look bad, but I don't see many people around here that are serious and I think people will just click on any thread, even if they have no interest. After all, if a thread says "Sys admin looking for a job" and people click on it and no one responds to you, there's two reasons:

    #1: You didn't impress people with your personality or skills.

    #2: They had no real interest or were hoping to get an employee dirt cheap.

    I find that it's most often #2. The resume of the person you posted for seems impressive. Perhaps not anything to blow people away, but it includes a listing of skills and experience that should be of value to many hosting companies. Still, this doesn't seem to matter around here most of the time.

    If someone that's serious sees it, they might respond or contact you, but that seems rare. I posted looking for a job. I posted previously with my resume. People seemed impressed and nothing came of it. I posted again (below and before this) and didn't bother including it. I see about 165 views. The thread didn't contain any misleading title, yet no one responded (not because of an unimpressive list of skills). Above looks impressive as well. There's no reason, other than people just seem to click on anything here. I personally assume it's people just bored or they just like to see who someone is for no particular reason -- or they were hoping someone would be offering services for free web space, a pay per ticket job or some wage that no one in the US, UK, Canada, or many other places could possibly earn a living from.

    I don't know why I bothered after expressing my feelings in my response to you now, since I obviously realize it's probably a waste of time. I know I posses the skills, I have dedicated many years learning and gaining experience. I've been working in this field exclusively for near 10 years now. I find this discouraging and I feel like I've wasted time even checking back here. Anyway, I know how it is, but I also would suggest you don't post "for a friend", as that might be perceived wrong. I just contacted a host and showcased my resume to them (which I easily met all their requirements), and they seemed to have lost interest as soon as I said I'd expect over $15 an hour. I guess they were looking for someone cheap or don't realize that a skilled employee that can do anything in any area of their business is worth more than $10 or $12 an hour. I don't know why I bother and this upsets me, but I can sympathize with your inquiry above due to this type of thing being so common.

    I realize this is a long response to such a simple inquiry, but this is my way of saying "don't expect much". There's a few people that come here that would be able to and willing to afford (it's not THAT much) a good sys admin, support tech, programmer, etc. But most can't and I wish I knew of a better place to seek employment personally. Oh well, what can you do. Anyway, good luck (to your friend), I thought the resume was impressive and that someone would have showed some real interest. Really, the best of luck.
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    Why don't you tape a sign on your back that says 'unprofessional'?

    I don't mean to be a prick. But you started off your post by spelling 'extremely' wrong. That is an "extremely" dense mistake to make, especially when you are trying to solicit business.

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    Other Tips:

    Your resume looks like a long list of industry protocols. While you may be well versed in all of them, you shouldn't list them out as skills. A potential employer doesn't want to see a list of protocols. List some of your skills in a paragraph about you and recap on a few of the key ones. When you post a list like that on a resume it leaves the impression you are 'reaching' to fill the page with data.

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    Sorry to keep posting, I'm seriously trying to help though!

    You can not have these lead ins:

    'While working with Hurricane Electric'
    'In the course of my employment'
    'While working with Hurricane Electric'
    'While working with Coresync'
    'While I was a Network Administrator'

    It is the equivalent of starting off a speech with "My project is about"

    Better example:

    Hurricane Electric September 2000 - July 2001

    Network Operation Engineer / Security Engineer

    Seasoned Network Operations Engineer charged with maintaining dialog between co-location customers and Hurricane Electric....

    Anytime you use acronyms such as 'NOC' you should use the unabbreviated version first.

    In the first paragraph you have "...assisting them in various system..." What are various systems?

    Better Example?:

    Assisting clients in complex server hardware...

    Use descriptive terminology. Be precise. Remove any extra words that absolutely do not have to be there.

    I understand you did not expect to get a crash course and are just looking for work. I highly recommend 'geeks' pay a professional to write their resume.

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