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    Persistent annoyances

    Felt the need to respond to a article at zdnet about three months ago.

    To do this I had to fill out their huge intrusive form.

    So I supplied the following false info:

    First name: Nunya
    Last name: Business

    Age: 134

    Income: $500,000.00 annual

    Children: 22

    Address: Earth

    Proffession: kickboxer
    Position: Top


    Ok so I was annoyed with having to provide for thier marketing database just to answer a post...

    Unfortunately I had to provide a real e-mail address.

    Now I am getting annoying requests to update my information every week.
    and my plea's to be removed from their database is being ignored.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on how to block their e-mail
    from our server?

    We are running plesk and Horde/IMP.

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    They will stop mailing you if you unsubscribe.

    Anyway your resume looks attractive.

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    I get a lot of spam mails daily, but I am surprised if zdnet kind of people are giving you trouble. Send them a reply giving link of this thread.

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    hmm, whenever i sign up for something i goto my domain and make an e-mail account

    [email protected]

    I sign up and get the e-mail to register then leave the account in place, if it gets spammed I can simply remove the account name from the system and the e-mail gets returned undeliverable, they then remove undeliverables from their list it gets sent back to them 3 times in succession.

    Problem Solved.

    Only problem is you need to have an e-mail system setup and a domain name and the ability to add your own e-mail addresses for your domain whenever you want, i presume most hosts have this capability - Fast Professional UK Web Hosting

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    Whenever I signup for something, I always use my "spam account" which is just an account at yahoo which I use for nothing else.

    This actualy works quite well. I get very little spam in my real inbox.

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    Ha... I found the answer....

    This is where I had to remove my information/membership.

    And I can keep my anchordesk subscription with out the weekly requests to update my info.

    Furthermore I made 2 spam accounts one for free trials and one general (yahoo acct).

    Thanx's for the advice.


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