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    Thumbs up Reliable hosting and an honest registrar -Outside- of the United States

    I am pretty tired of the constant interference and harassment from competitors that is almost encouraged by rediculous US laws.

    I would love to find reliable hosting and a honest registrar outside of the United States/Canada/EU.

    My needs are somewhat simple - I have my own server at the Planet right now but a reliable (not oversold) VPS would suit me just fine.

    Price is not a huge issue providing the fees are justified by the services received.

    Advice welcome and appreciated.

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    I guess you did wrong by calling US laws 'ridiculous'...don't insult a country, any country. I guess that's the reason u ain't getting any answers, though your question is broad and can be easily answered by the experienced people hanging outta here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjfilch View Post
    Advice welcome and appreciated.
    Ruling out any western democracy (us, canada, eu, i also bet australia, etc), does not leave a lot, at least not with a decent infrastructure.

    Try for reliable offshore hosting.

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    Australia is considered a Western Country, Also parts of South Africa and New Zealand. So yes it would not be well off for you in this circumstance.
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    Is it related to the kind of site you're running?

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    it is said that laws are only put in place to force people to do things they would not want to do or to stop them from doing things they shouldn't do.

    I have been in this business for some time, not since the begining like some people on this board but for a long time, and I have never found the laws of the western world to interfere with servicing customers.

    The only thing I can think of would be content issues (maybe kiddie porn), in which case, you have bigger problems than breaking the law.

    Still it is tough to find reliable hosting infrastructure in countries that are not largely westernized and capitalist. Otherwise there is just no sense in investing in infrastructure.

    Try Pakistan or Mexico. They have more lax laws and still have some infrastructure. - dns info and tests - glorious moments of human failure

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