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    since my provider seems to be having some problems...

    i was wondering if anyone could help me please?

    i created an ftp user, a domain user, and a web user in plesk. the trouble is that no matter which one I use, I cannot seem to get in using Frontpage.

    yea..i know. i use it cuz i'm lazy.

    i don't see that covered in the plesk faq or in the manual.

    i'd be happy to dig it up if someone could tell me where that data is or is someone would please just tell me which of the three users is the one for frontpage?

    jeez...what a nightmare. i'm sorry i ever switched hosts.
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    I was going to say...didn't you just start up with a new host? I seem to recall...

    Anyway, under Hosting you need to click the box alongside "Frontpage Suport", click the check box alongside "authorization ENABLED", enter a username and a password (twice).

    Then "Publish" from Frontpage to the domain name (which has to be resolved to the server), using the username and password you have set here.

    [Edit: advisable to set authorization to DISABLED when not actively publishing to your domain]



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    you need to use ftp user for publishing from frontpage but make sure that frontpage extensions are enabled on your server.

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