Hi everyone,

I'm looking to do server administration, support, etc. I've been partnered up with some people on a web hosting venture (for about 6 months and they are finally getting close to doing this right with the funds), but it takes the right money to make the right company and although this will likely happen soon, I'd prefer to earn wages as a full time admin instead of waiting for the company to turn a large enough profit. I need to make a decision now (if I want to put in effort for a profit, or start earning money that pays now).

If I don't find a good company to get on staff with, I really don't mind putting effort into this business anyway, so I don't mind either way. I'm asking that anyone whom might be looking for a server admin, support guru, programmer or whatever to contact me. It's now or never (or soon - within a week or two). I don't mind going with the business or working for someone else and dropping my interest. I've just decided that I better try before I commit to anything.

I am open for full time positions for any position someone has for a Linux/Unix admin, support tech, etc. I am over 18, I have lots of skills and years of experience. I work with many control panels, many helpdesk and support positions, and too much software to list (Qmail, Apache, BIND, Exim, Proftpd, SSH, etc.) Basically anything you are looking for in an employee in the way of skills, I am likely able to provide and have done it a million times. I hope this doesn't come off as too unorthodox the way I'm posting.

I don't want to get into details and post a long resume here (please email if you are interested). I am looking for serious offers. I am NOT looking for offers of free hosting in exchange for work, nor am I looking for any "pay per ticket" jobs. I'm looking for a real job, full time that requires my various skills. If you are offering some $8 an hour position, please don't respond and I wish you luck in your venture (but I'm looking for real, serious work).

Please email me at [email protected] or AIM me at rob2132. I look forward to hearing of any companies that are looking for an experienced, skilled employee for various tasks and areas. Thank you.