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    Question DirectNIC merchant accounts?

    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone have any experience with DirectNIC's merchant accounts? They seem like the best thing going... fairly low rates, gateway, everyone approved, funds deposited in 1 day and your own company name shows on the customer's billing statement.

    So after doing all of the research, why does this seem like such a good deal compared to some others (even just payment processors)?

    I do all of my domains with them, and they are nothing but great in that regard...

    Thanks for any insight... !

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    Just wanted to bump this up... we are about to embark on the setup and was looking for any last minute comments!


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    I would email them as their site provides no information on what gateway they use, nor the fees associated with the merchant account like discount rate, statement fee, gateway fee, monthly minimum, etc....

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    Acutally, this might be a better URL that details their stuff:
    Bill Leonard, Internet Systems Engineer
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    There is also a $25 min per month, this site looks just like the site I got my merchant account about a year ago. I am no longer with them because we couldn't interface it into our order system.

    Just my 2 cents.........

    P.S. it comes to about $50 per month (With no sales)

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    They are good merchant account providers with reasonable charges.

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