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    Question What Am I Missing?

    I am looking to setup a server with 300 Vhosts for my existing customers. But I would like to know if I am forgetting something.

    1. Server- Dell 1650, 1 Intel Pentium III,1.4GHz, 2 GB's of ram, 2 18Gig hard drives. Raid or no Raid?

    2. Customer Support- I am thinking on using Bobcares.

    3. Control Panel- Plesk/cpanel.

    4. Backup- I have no idea.

    5. OS- RH 7.X

    I think this is it for now. What else do I need.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Would be a good idea to recompile the kernel with some performance tuning and maybe an iptables based firewall

    You can use rsync for backup

    But ofcourse dont forget the clients!
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    Do you have a business plan? Where do you plan on advertising your services? Have you though about what kind of plans you are going to offer, price, size, and bandwidth.

    You need to decide on using both drives for a Raid 0 array or to use them both as data drives. Raid 0 would give your customers added protection against a drive failure.

    Do you have a credit card processor lined up?

    The best backup solution it to NOT have your backups on the same server. If your server is hacked all of your data is at risk, including the backups.

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