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    Cool Amazing Reseller Account!

    Ever considered starting a web hosting company? Already reselling and want to expand?

    We have a solution for both! With 24/7/365 support via E-Mail, AIM, MSN, ICQ, and Phone – that’s right, phone support—at an affordable price, there’s no way you can go wrong!

    All of our accounts offer the CPanel and WHM control panels, CPanel for your customers, and WHM—or Web Host Manager—for you to manage your customers.

    We do not limit in any way the number of mySQL databases, Mail or FTP accounts, or customers that you may host on your account, so you can sell as much as you want for whatever you want, so long as you stay within your bandwidth and space limitations.

    With every account, we also give our clients the opportunity to sell domain names directly to their clients. We have a web interface that can be completely integrated into your website, and we can offer you the _best_ prices available on the market.

    All of our accounts are hosted on 1 GHz + machines with 512 MB of RAM or more. We assure each of our customers that we will sell no more accounts than the machine will handle.

    We offer three different sizes of accounts, so that you can buy exactly what you want and need:

    Get 15 gigabytes of transfer and 2 gigabytes of space for only $15 per month!

    Get 40 gigabytes of transfer and 4 gigabytes of space for only $30 per month!

    Get 80 gigabytes of transfer and 8 gigabytes of space for only $55 per month!

    We guarantee that you will never find a deal with this amount of resources, and our excellent quality of technical support.

    Interested? Send an e-mail to [email protected] with any questions you might have. We’ll be happy to help you.
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